Over 100 new camera models released by i-PRO in one year

i-PRO building

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i-PRO Co, Ltd., a provider of professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, has announced that the company experienced double-digit growth in its first year in business following its independence from Panasonic.

By combining the spirit of a start-up with the heritage gained through 60 years of innovation, i-PRO says it has, in one year, introduced more than 100 new camera models, built key partnerships, launched in multiple locations around the world and achieved double digit growth.

The company says that the foundation of its success is its culture, established by its employees when they collectively identified the concepts that would drive the new company forward: boldness, trust and flexibility. This mindset engendered a strategy based on two principles, ‘open policy’ and ‘time-based competition.’

i-PRO says it works to create an ecosystem where AI can flourish and customers can quickly and easily access the advancing technology. In its first year the company has built partnerships with leading video management system (VMS) vendors, AI analytics vendors and integrators worldwide. It also introduced the i-PRO EZ-2 Partner Portal. Built to simplify the way integrators, resellers and distribution partners conduct business with i-PRO, it provides instant access to inventory levels and enables users to create quick quotes 24/7.  

2022 also saw the launch of i-PRO Americas, with headquarters in Rolling Meadows, IL, a corporate office and warehouse facility in Houston and a state-of-the-art experience center in Toronto, Canada. Three new locations opened in Japan: an R&D center and a new factory in Fukuoka and global headquarters office in Tokyo.

“We are all proud to be here and are encouraged to see that being bold, flexible and building trust, is delivering positive results. We’re here for our customers and for our partners, we thank them for their trust and collaboration and look forward to welcoming new partners and people as we work together to drive AI forward,” said i-PRO Americas President Bill Brennan.

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