Motorola Solutions launches mobile broadband-enabled body-worn camera

Motorola Solutions new body-worn camera - v700

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Motorola Solutions has introduced its new V700 body-worn camera and according to the company, this comes with mobile broadband capabilities that provides public safety agencies with a source of real-time intelligence.

Connected technology

The company says that the V700 seamlessly integrates with Aware – a cloud-based platform that provides a common operating view – as well as the M500 in-car video system, APX radios and Holster Aware sensors.

This ecosystem of connected technologies offers command staff officer location and multiple points-of-view of an incident as it unfolds to improve response and officer safety. For example, the APX radio’s fall detection feature will trigger the V700 to start recording if an officer is down or unresponsive, giving incident managers immediate awareness of the officer’s situation so that they can dispatch appropriate assistance.

“In public safety, outcomes often hinge on an agency’s ability to surface the critical insights necessary to make better, faster decisions,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Motorola Solutions.

“The V700’s connectivity to our wider technology ecosystem – from radios and in-car video to command center software – offers an agency unprecedented understanding of an officer’s situation so they can direct the resources needed to be successful in that moment.”

Recording accurately

Motorola Solutions says that to ensure a clear, accurate account of events, the V700’s precision high-definition sensor adjusts to low lighting like a human eye. Its additional features are designed to maximize officers’ time in their communities, including a high-capacity, field-swappable battery that can record continuously for up to 14 hours, so that officers can capture video throughout their entire shift.

With mobile broadband capabilities, officers do not need to return to base to upload time-sensitive evidence into VideoManager EL. Critical evidence can also be recovered after an incident – even if a recording wasn’t initiated – through the camera’s unique Record-After-The-Fact feature and AI can be applied during evidence analysis to transcribe footage for a clear record of events.

The Motorola Solutions V700 is now available for order in North America.

SJA insight

Ensuring that events are recorded accurately and with as much details as possible is critical for first responders and emergency personnel.

However, during an incident it can be difficult for public safety officials to initiate a recording when needed – which is why being able to record after an event could help to reduce issues caused by conflicting statements and viewpoints as well as mitigate the risk of violence.

As Motorola Solutions says, a clear view of incidents is key for public safety and will be vital to promoting a fairer society for all.

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