Neustar announces identity resolution solution for AWS Clean Rooms

Dataset - Neustar identity solution

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Neustar, Inc., a TransUnion company, has launched a new solution offering for AWS Clean Rooms by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Neustar says its Unified Identity solution for AWS Clean Rooms reinforces its commitment to privacy-enhanced identity resolution and data collaboration.

Last November, AWS Clean Rooms was announced as a new analytics service that helps companies across industries and their partners easily and securely analyze and collaborate on their combined datasets —without sharing or revealing underlying data. The new solution integration for AWS Clean Rooms allows brands, agencies and publishers to effectively connect and enrich disparate first and second-party data sources, improving their ability to build, reach and convert high value audiences across media channels.

“Neustar’s collaboration with AWS Clean Rooms gives customers the ability to resolve identity fragments to actual consumers in the real world and improve their match rates to clean room partners,” said Ryan Engle, Vice President of Identity Solutions at Neustar. “Together with AWS, we can better enable a privacy-first world with consumer trust at its heart, enhanced by the power of identity.”

Neustar’s solution allows AWS Clean Rooms customers to use its identity graph and machine learning capabilities to resolve offline and online identifiers by responsibly connecting disparate events, location and device data. Customers often struggle with low match rates between consumer data sets, impacting their ability to execute analytics or create scaled audiences.

Unified Identity can increase match rates and provide rich attributes for new segmentations. With this solution, brands, agencies and publishers can move forward with confidence to unlock new insights, build more effective audiences and measure the impact of marketing as identity enhances their data.

“With Unified Identity for AWS Clean Rooms, AWS customers are empowered to securely collaborate with one another using Neustar’s market leading identity resolution solutions,” said Adam Solomon, Head of Worldwide Data Collaboration & Interoperability Solutions at AWS. “We are excited about Neustar’s vision to meet AWS customers where their data lives and help them deploy Neustar Unified Identity within AWS Clean Rooms alongside its built-in, privacy-enhancing controls.”

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