New vandal-resistant intercoms launched by Zenitel

Vandal-resistant intercoms from Zenitel

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Zenitel has revealed its newly released VR3G-1 and VR3G-1P vandal-resistant intercoms.

According to the company, the intercoms have several high-tech features that make them suitable for use in any environment and provide the highest levels of safety and security.

Robust and vandal-resistant intercoms

Zenitel highlights that for the safety of individuals and to mitigate the risk of self-harm or abuse, both intercoms feature soft rounded corners, chamfered edges and a flushed button design.

For reliability, the VR3G-1 and VR3G-1P vandal-resistant intercoms are equipped with a tamper switch alarm, to notify operators of any potential security issues such as tampering or attempted removal from a wall. 

The VR3G-1P additionally has scheduled self-test enabled through a flush design, Piezo button.

For performance, the intercoms are water and dust protected with an IP66 rating.

Zenitel says that they can be used outdoors in any weather environment, even in locations with extreme water or dust.

The new intercoms have also been engineered to withstand vandalism with an IK10 rating, steel front plate, and poke protection technology.

“We are excited about the launch of our VR3G-1 and VR3G-1P intercoms and the level of safety and security they will bring to any environment,” said Erik Hoffman, VP Product Management, Zenitel.

“Our priority is always to provide innovative and reliable technology to protect people’s safety and to enhance facility security.

“We are excited to introduce the new intercoms to customers.”  

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