NHL Pittsburgh Penguins test smart camera apps from Azena

Pittsburg Penguins

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Azena’s app platform for smart cameras introduced to provide analytics for heat mapping, queue detection and POS data integration at Penguins’ PPG Paints Arena.

Azena has revealed details of its installation at the arena of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins to test the firm’s platform for smart cameras. Penguins’ bosses hope streamline wait times at busy concession stands on game days and leverage enhanced retail analytics in its fan stores to increase arena retail sales. 

The operating platform for smart cameras integrates with existing video surveillance systems and provides ready-to-use artificial intelligence-enhanced video analytics applications designed to run simultaneously directly on the camera and can be easily changed based on needs, much like on a smartphone. 

The upcoming implementation by the Penguins is part of a growing trend within the sports and entertainment venue market to enhance fan experience by leveraging video and data analytics and IoT technology and ‘add value to the spectator journey’, while at the same time ensuring security. 

“The Pittsburgh Penguins are very excited to see the benefits of the Azena analytics in action,” said Erik Watts, Chief Technology Officer for the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Using Azena queue detection applications on smart cameras from Azena partner VIVOTEK, cameras can be used to detect lines at food and beverage stands as they form and notify employees to promptly increase staffing at busy checkouts, minimizing congestion and increasing sales. The Penguins can use the data gathered by the queue analytics application to help streamline their already installed touchless ordering system for mobile phones, which estimates wait time, directs fans to the kiosk where their order is ready, and integrates with POS systems to remove the order from the queue.

These analytics have the power to improve the game day experience in real time, but also over time, as the data can identify trends in overall traffic on specific days, or times of day, enabling management to optimize staffing through actionable insights. 

“Smart cameras, such as those running on the Azena platform, are making arenas and event venue experiences more enjoyable and secure for both fans and staff,” said Andrew Seymour, Business Development Manager at Azena. “The groundbreaking analytics offered by apps available on the Azena platform have the potential to transform the game day experience.” 

How insights in retail locations aid staffing decisions 

Arena retail managers strive to leverage Azena smart camera technology to increase sales at the team’s retail store at PPG Paints Arena. Cameras can analyze the popularity of certain displays using heat mapping and enable staff to optimize merchandise placement within the store. This technology also helps arena retail operations make more informed decisions on staffing and inventory as the analytics identify patterns in customer store traffic and purchasing behavior. 

About Azena

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A German startup with locations in Munich, Eindhoven and Pittsburgh (near the home of the NHL Penguins)- 100% funded by the Bosch Group.It says: “Our goal is to be the leading open platform and marketplace for smart security and safety solutions. The platform we offer is based on a camera operating system that powers cameras from various manufacturers on the market. It connects to our Application Store where leading video analytics development companies offer cutting-edge apps. To run this platform, we take a commission for app sales.” Find out more: https://www.azena.com.

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