SJA Influencer: J Nicole McDargh, VP Safety and Loss Prevention, Domino’s

J Nicole McDargh from Domino's

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J Nicole McDargh, Vice President of Safety and Loss Prevention at Domino’s explores the importance of conflict avoidance in enhancing security.

As the world navigates an increasingly tumultuous climate, we can anticipate a consequential rise in social tensions manifesting as heightened security threats and incidents.

The erosion of impulse control is evident as society leans away from critical, nuanced dialogue in favor of rapid responses filled with open hostility.

The prevailing mindset seems to clamor for universal agreement on personal views, marking those who diverge as deserving targets.

This dangerous trend hints at an escalation in random assaults and violent crimes.

Such a backdrop of disorder and enmity poses significant challenges for the field of security.

Security measures must evolve beyond reactive postures toward more strategic, forward-thinking approaches.

The focus must pivot to preventative measures that not only protect but also educate, aiming to mitigate potential threats before they materialize.

Comprehensive advanced training programs encompassing state-of-the-art techniques and technologies will become indispensable.

However, technological advancements and strategic preparations alone will not suffice.

A more nuanced and perhaps game-changing approach centers on training in conflict avoidance.

This entails fostering an internal locus of control among individuals, empowering them to manage their impulses effectively.

We need to cultivate the ability to perceive nuances and genuinely consider opposing viewpoints, crafting a community that doesn’t merely react but rather reflects and respects the diversity of thought and emotion.

Empathy and emotional intelligence must be woven into the fabric of security training, equipping personnel with soft skills to de-escalate potentially volatile situations.

By understanding the undercurrents of human behavior and being adept at navigating complex social interactions, security professionals can preemptively help diffuse tensions.

Incorporating these soft skills into the rigid structures of traditional security is no small feat. It requires an innovative fusion of psychology and practical security measures.

We must broaden our thinking to appreciate the interconnectedness of social dynamics and physical safety.

By addressing the root causes of conflict, such as lack of understanding and intolerance for opposing perspectives, we aim to build a more harmonious and secure society.

Directly correlating with these shifts in thought and action, advances in technology will also play a vital role.

We can expect to see the emergence of even more sophisticated surveillance systems, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to predict and prevent incidents before they occur.

Biometric security is likely to become more prevalent, offering more personalized and secure methods of identification and access control.

In the coming years, the field of security will inevitably reflect the complexities of our changing world.

As we confront the reality of increased political dissension and social unrest, our approach must be both innovative and inclusive.

Strategic security training, enhanced by technology, combined with a deeper understanding of human behavior, could pave the way for a safer, more robust societal structure – where prevention is the cornerstone and empathy is the tool for building bridges over the chasms of discord.

About J Nicole McDargh, JD CPP

With 30 years of safety and security experience, Nicole has been actively engaged in every aspect of enterprise security risk management.

Her focus and passion is on building processes that keep people safe no matter where they may be.

Prior to joining Domino’s, she was Regional Director for Safety and Security for Richemont Luxury Goods based first in Mexico City and then in Geneva Switzerland.

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