O.W.L. launches AI software solution for critical infrastructure

xSource - the new software from O.W.L.

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Observation Without Limits (O.W.L.) has partnered with Megh Computing to launch its new product, xSource, a software solution that uses AI to give critical infrastructure organizations more actionable situational awareness than previously available.

According to the company, xSource enables users to respond more effectively and faster to potential threats without false alarms.

Actionable data

“Data doesn’t equal intelligence,” said Tom Gates, President of O.W.L. “Both are required to be faster and more accurate. xSource is designed to help mitigate the workload of the security professional and tell the operator the meaning of threats happening in real time and not just that something is happening. Gone are the days when security operators frantically try to discern the meaning of data from multiple, stove-piped systems.”

O.W.L. says that xSource uses AI to analyze, draw inferences and make intelligent decision recommendations across multiple data streams regardless of their origin. The actionable insights provided by xSource result from the product’s contextual analytics, which provides a more complete and accurate understanding of available security data by analyzing the context in which the data was created. Continuous training of xSource AI models ensures the system will continually adapt and improve based on the latest information, trends and patterns.


“We’re pleased to work with O.W.L. to integrate Megh’s Open Analytics platform with O.W.L.‘s radars to unlock actionable insights from existing cameras and sensors and provide a new level of intelligence and efficiency for organizations,” said P.K. Gupta, CEO at Megh Computing. “xSource is built on a platform that can create notifications based on alerts defined across different streams from cameras and/or sensors using an advanced contextual analytics engine to support various use cases.”

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