Passwordless single sign-on solution released by Privakey

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Provider of passwordless authentication and authorization solutions, Privakey, has announced the launch of its Single Sign-On (SSO) solution designed exclusively for enterprises.

According to the company, this innovative solution marks a significant leap toward robust cybersecurity while simplifying access.

Security and simplicity

Privakey highlights that its passwordless SSO introduces a powerful cryptographic authenticator that incorporates biometric data, PIN and passkey for both authentication and authorization purposes.

The single sign-on solution is accessible through mobile devices (iOS and Android) or using passkey technology on Macs and PCs.

The company says that this eliminates the frustration and hassle of passwords and out-of-band codes.

Instead, Privakey offers users a quick and convenient method for accessing cloud-based applications and services, while reducing the risk of attacks.

Single sign-on

“Privakey SSO is designed for speed and simplicity in both implementation and user experience,” stated Charles Durkin, CEO of Privakey.

“Small and medium-sized businesses can have Privakey SSO up and running within hours.

“Large enterprises benefit from a single, highly secure passwordless gateway to authorized applications and services.

“We’ve engineered our solution to be fast, easy to use, scalable and robust, ready to help you eliminate passwords – the primary target of cyber-criminals.

“It’s ideal for healthcare, financial services, ecommerce, legal and IT sectors.”

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