Physical security market set for 7.78% growth until 2028

Physical security growth

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According to a new report from ResearchAndMarkets the global market for physical security is poised for accelerated growth with a 7.78% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) forecast from 2023 to 2028. 

Data center security is undergoing rapid advancements, it says, with key industry players integrating technologies to safeguard critical infrastructure.  

Not only this, but with increasing cyber threats, the importance of physical security solutions in data centers has never been more crucial.  

Emerging trends driving growth  

Biometrics technologies, one of the aspects analyzed in the report, including facial recognition and fingerprint scanners makes a significant difference to the efficiency and security of data center access controls.  

Another reason behind the growth of the market finds the report, the implementation of advanced video surveillance systems integrating cloud technologies, as it provides enhanced imaging, analytics and alert services.

Lastly, the use of AI- and ML- powered robots are helping to boost operational efficiency and improve physical security, which in turn reduces workforce requirements and operational costs.  

Behind the change  

Heavyweights are catering to the growing demand for advanced data center security, such as Innovative security solutions by ASSA Abloy and BioConnect.  

The report also states that deployment of robotics in facility monitoring, with Boston Dynamics at the forefront of the change, through its robotic dogs used for maintenance and surveillance tasks.  

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