Pittsburgh stadium uses Evolv screening technology

Acrisure Stadium outside - partners with Evolv Technology

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Sports and entertainment fans entering the Acrisure Stadium, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will now be screened for weapons using a solution from Evolv Technology.

The Evolv Express product has been placed at the stadium’s busiest gates, to detect any weapons being carried in by visitors to the venue.

Evolv Express

Evolv Express uses powerful sensor technology with AI to provide safe and accurate threat detection at high volume and speed. Fans can walk through without stopping or having to open bags. The technology allows officials to differentiate between threats and everyday items people carry in their pockets and bags, which reduces long lines and allows guests to make their way directly into the stadium without invasive security experiences.  

“Our fans are amazing and we needed to make sure we were providing them with the kind of security solution they deserve,” said Jimmie Sacco, Vice President of Operations and Stadium Management at Acrisure Stadium. “Evolv not only helps make entry safe and seamless for the best fan base in sports, but from the very start, they have come on site multiple times to monitor, support and make sure everything was running smoothly.” 

“As the home of one of the most storied franchises in football, Acrisure Stadium knows what great defense looks like,” said John Baier, Evolv’s Vice President of Sports. “Evolv brings that defensive mentality from the field to the gates, helping keep fans safe without impacting their enjoyment of the event.” 

SJA opinion

The screening solution has now been deployed at a variety of sports and entertainment venues throughout the US, including Fenway Park and the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena.

The success that this product is seeing across the country is an indicator for why is was chosen by officials at the Acrisure Stadium, who said that the effectiveness of its weapon detection abilities alongside the minimization of fan experience are key components.

According to the company, Acrisure Stadium is the latest sports facility to deploy its screening solution.

Acrisure Stadium opened in 2001 and seats more than 68,000 people. In addition to football, Acrisure Stadium hosts concerts when the biggest acts come to town.  

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