PlainID and Dremio announce strategic partnership for data security

Data security

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PlainID, The Authorization Company, a provider of authorization and policy-based access control, has announced a strategic partnership with Dremio, a data lakehouse company.

According to the companies, this partnership enables Dremio clients to leverage PlainID’s central access control platform to manage and control access via Dremio, allowing for advanced access controls as part of their overall security strategy.

The Dremio lakehouse delivers management, governance and analytic capabilities typically associated with the data warehouse directly on lake storage. Rapid growth of cloud lakes, as well as migration of analytic workloads to the cloud, has contributed to growing pressure on enterprise security. PlainID protects the data by externalizing authorization and centralizing its management.

“With the threat of infiltration, theft and cyber-attacks, an extra layer of protection for our heavily regulated customers’ data is key,” said Roger Frey, Vice President, Technology Alliances at Dremio.

“PlainID made this process easy to implement and ready to utilize quickly. PlainID helps us orchestrate policies and leverage policy-based access control to maintain visibility, consistency and standardization of authorization. Centralized management of policies helps us strengthen security.”

PlainID says it will orchestrate policy-based access control for Dremio by enabling granular control and visibility of the data ecosystem with centralized policies that create, enforce and manage, including workflow approvals for policy updates.

“Data lakehouse security is top of mind for many security professionals as they navigate access for their workforce and customers,” said Gal Helemski, CTO and Co-Founder of PlainID. “By implementing controls that allow authorized users to access and modify digital assets, we can ensure unauthorized users are blocked from compromising them. With PlainID’s centrally managed authorization platform and Dremio’s self-service analytics capabilities, all types of identities can access data for insights securely.”

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