PlainID launches network to enable identity aware security for access control

PlainID access control network

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PlainID, The Authorization Company, a provider of authorization and policy-based access control, has announced its PlainID Technology Network. 

Developed with the company’s partners, it says the network delivers the company’s technology worldwide to help organizations securely transform authorization and access control

The mission of the network is to enable identity-aware security across all segments of the enterprise technology stack by optimizing integration with mission-critical adjacent technologies. Its goal is to provide partners full visibility and control of who can access what, when and on whose authority.

“Authorization is managing, controlling and enforcing the connections of identities that determine which resources, data, functions and apps people can access,” said Gal Helemski, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at PlainID. “We are simply tackling the biggest challenge in the IAM space. Our network aims to solve this by providing ready-to-use solutions that integrate into the world’s leading technologies.” 

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