Post pandemic rules drive even better Alvardo turnstile solutions

Alvardo SU5000

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Alvardo says Covid-19 has changed the way facilities operate: The need reliable and secure access remain, but security has to be balanced with hygiene and social distancing requirements. Alvarado’s SU5000 is a good example of how to manage entry, which be fitted with a range of solutions and technologies to meet the need. 

The SU5000 Swinging Barrier Optical Turnstile offers the latest optical detection technology in a slim, compact footprint. The SU5000 features bi-directional motorized access control allowing authorized access only to a facility.

Users present a valid credential that opens the turnstile’s motorized barriers away from the user, allowing a single passage in the requested direction. 

1-ISJ- Post pandemic rules drive even better Alvardo turnstile solutions
SU5000 with Contactless Facial Recognition Camera

If an unauthorized user attempts to tailgate on a valid entry or attempts to enter without authorization, the integrated sensors recognize the illegal attempt passage and triggers an alarm. 

The SU5000 can be easily programmed to meet operational requirements combining security, safety and high throughput.

The SU5000 is an IP-enabled device. Core turnstile settings are adjusted in the field using an included web application. Using a PC, tablet, or smartphone, configurable features – such as audio sounds, motor settings, detection settings, tailgate settings, and alarm timer settings – cane be programmed and changed over a TCP/IP network. For installations where turnstiles are not networked, configuration changes are easily made by plugging directly into the turnstile’s configuration port.

Alvardo contactless reader options
From Bluetooth devices to facial recognition, Alvarado optical turnstiles integrate with a variety of reader types and technologies that allow users to verify entry credentials with contactless operation. 

RFID/NFC, barcode, IDEMIA’s MorphWave, facial recognition, and Bluetooth are all technologies that support contactless entry options. Alvarado offers a number of off-the-shelf integrated solutions. 

The California-based manufacturer says: “For unique applications, we work closely with decision makers to ensure devices and technologies are attractively integrated and functional to users. Our products can be retrofitted with new technologies after installation. 

Nick Simon is National Security Sales Manager at Alvarado. He says: “Integrating the SU5000 into a facility is quick and easy. It integrates with virtually any access control or visitor management system and accommodates a wide array of credential readers. The SU5000’s slim design features contoured edges and crystal-clear materials for an upscale look suitable for any location.”

Alvardo touchless entry
When a proper credential is presented, the turnstile barriers automatically open, allowing passage. Once the user passes through the lane, the barriers automatically close. The entire process is truly touch-free. Throughout the process, with minimal instruction, users can maintain social distancing requirements implemented by the facility. 

3-ISJ- Post pandemic rules drive even better Alvardo turnstile solutions
Alvardo SU5000

Real-Time capacity monitoring
Along with a touchless entry process, facilities may require strict maximum occupancy limits throughout or in select areas. To monitor capacities and/or maintain a current in-facility or in-area count, Alvarado offers its GateWatch counting solution.

 GateWatch operates independently (although concurrently) from the facility access control system to monitor passages (entry and exit) through Alvarado optical turnstiles. By monitoring entries and exits, it is possible to determine ‘currently in’ totals. 

When currently in totals exceed pre-set recommended capacities, GateWatch can instruct the turnstiles to temporarily stop allowing entries, and/or provide notification of above capacity totals via TV monitors. 

Easy integration 
Integrating Alvarado optical turnstiles is quick and easy. “Our turnstiles integrate with virtually any existing access control or visitor management system and are compatible with commands received from major video management software,” says the company.

“Dedicated inputs for fire or life safety systems are provided and outputs are available to turn on cameras, lock interior doors and provide remote notification of alarm events.”

Now the SU4500 

While the SU5000 is Alvaro’s market leading solution, the need for security in smaller buildings and lobbies, architects and specifiers are looking for compact optical turnstiles that provide a high level of security in the limited space available.

So here is the SU4500, “our most compact barrier optical turnstile to date”.

SU4500 for smaller buildings

 Designed for high-end facilities where space is at a premium, the new SU4500 has a compact 38” cabinet length but doesn’t compromise on security, throughput performance or looks. The unobtrusive modern design does not impede or obstruct the line of sight, and the shallow depth of the lane ensures that it will fit almost anywhere.

Typical installation sites for the SU4500 include corporate lobbies and elevator banks, university recreation centers, government facilities and hospitals.

Because aesthetics is such an important factor in modern construction, the SU4500 includes architecturally inspired features and liberal use of crystal-clear materials. 

Integration is quick and easy, as the SU4500 integrates with virtually any existing access control or visitor management system. Dedicated inputs for fire or life safety systems are provided and outputs are available to turn on cameras, lock interior doors and provide remote notification of alarm events. The SU4500 can accept various credential readers, including RFID and emerging technologies such as biometrics and elevator dispatch. The result is a secured access solution that not only looks amazing but provides superior access control and visitor management.

About Alvardo

Alvarado is America’s leading entry control products manufacturer. Founded in 1956, Alvarado turnstiles and gates are installed in hundreds of corporate lobbies and facilities throughout the world.

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