Webinar: US power substation security in an age of escalating threats

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DATE: 16 October 2023

TIME: 13:00 – 14:00 ET, 10:00 – 11:00 PT

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In this webinar hosted by Netwatch, we delve deep into the burgeoning threats faced by US power substations.

Recent statistics indicate these facilities face a staggering 71% rise in security incidents over the past year.

With power substations constituting the lifeblood of modern existence, their protection is of paramount importance.

The solution

During this event, learn how the growing severity of security challenges like security breaches, vandalism and tampering affect power substations across various regions.

Delve into the intricate motivations behind these attacks, ranging from economic misdemeanors to radical extremism.

Recognize the critical role of power substations in our daily lives and the catastrophic repercussions of their compromise.

Address the limitations of traditional security measures in today’s volatile landscape. 

Most importantly, discover the promise of Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM), a groundbreaking video monitoring solution offering 24/7 remote surveillance and immediate, live interventions that achieves a remarkable 98% deterrence rate through a blend of AI and human expertise.

Envision and craft a resilient energy landscape through collaborative strategies and cutting-edge technology.

Don’t miss this opportunity to arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies necessary to confront and mitigate the growing threats to our energy infrastructure. Join us, and be a part of the solution toward a safer, brighter future.

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1-ISJ- Webinar: US power substation security in an age of escalating threats
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