ProdataKey announces new wristband credential

PDK wristband

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ProdataKey (PDK), a manufacturer of a cloud access control platform built for mobile, has announced the launch of a wristband credential made of attractive, comfortable and durable fabric.

According to the company, these stretchable, slip-on/slip-off bands are designed for users with an active lifestyle. They’re ideal for schools, community centers, gyms, public pools and other locations where users may not want to carry a phone, wallet or traditional card or fob and are also waterproof.

The new PDK wristband credentials operate with all 125-kilohertz access control readers, including those manufactured by competitors. Each measures 1 inch wide and is available with a 6½ inch or 7½ inch circumference.

“With the introduction of our unique wristband credentials, PDK’s anytime, anywhere convenience extends to users who crave a seamless, untethered access experience. They can enter secure areas and enjoy their favorite activities phone-free, pocket-free and lanyard-free. Wearing a wristband is as easy as it gets,” said Brach Bengtzen, PDK‘s Director of Marketing.

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