ProdataKey unveils version 2.0 of access control software

PDK - access control software

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ProdataKey (PDK) has introduced 2.0, an update to its access control software that expands features, functionality and scalability to support enterprise installations managed across multiple buildings and sites.

According to the company, with version 2.0, doors connected to disparate PDK Cloud Nodes can be managed as a single customer system and credential holders can reside in a single database and be distributed across one or many locations.

Other enhancements improve the user experience by making access control system management, configuration and maintenance faster and easier.

Access control improvements

The company says that 2.0 provides an at-a-glance view of how the entire system is functioning and a means to quickly dive deep into detailed information about specific devices, like their battery status, battery charging state and electrical current levels. 

Any issues within the system automatically elevate to the top of the view.

For example, if a device is disconnected, System and Health will report the last time it was seen and how long it will continue operating under PDK’s controller continuity feature.

PDK says that System and Health reinforces the powerful alerting and rules engine that notifies responsible parties when there’s a problem.

Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting can occur more quickly, along with faster servicing and problem resolution.

Additionally, the company says that access control system setup can begin before installing PDK hardware.

Dealers or administrators can import people, segment them into groups and set global permissions like 24/7 access, M-F access or specific days and shifts.

They can also issue credentials. As soon as hardware is installed, users can begin using controlled doors.

Furthermore, once a system is operational, it can be managed even when a part of the system is disconnected, giving insight into when the device was last seen. 2.0 also provides more intuitive access to features and a more seamless experience. For example, users can now quickly switch between viewing their devices within a list or on a floor plan.

Speaking exclusively to Security Journal Americas, Brad Baldwin, Vice President of Product at PDK emphasized the collaborative approach taken with partners in the design and development of 2.0: “We actively sought feedback from multiple partners during the experience design phase and throughout the development process.

“This collaborative effort ensured that 2.0 was tailored to allow partners to sell access control to larger, enterprise customers.

“Equally important was our commitment to maintaining the intuitive screens and workflow installers love about PDK.

“Our installation partners will find the updated very familiar and their training and in-field experience will make them effective right from the start.”

ProdataKey will release a public beta of 2.0 for all installation partners on 19 December 2023.

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