Prosegur launches overhead RFID tech with 99% accuracy

Prosegur RFID technology

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Prosegur Security, a provider of security technology, has launched a next-generation retail-specific overhead RFID Smart Exit that the company says has proven itself in the world of aircraft manufacturing with an accuracy of between 99% and 100%.

“Achieving over 99% accuracy in RFID has been the holy grail of retail for the past 20 years and I am thrilled that it is finally here,” said Tony D’Onofrio, CEO of Prosegur’s global retail business unit.

“Prosegur is able to bring this revolutionary technology to the world of retail so that the full potential and promise of RFID can be realized both in terms of inventory tracking and asset protection.”

The precision of Prosegur’s new system is achieved through a wholly new patented approach to resolving dead spots present in RFID installations. 

“Most RFID readers try to resolve gaps in coverage, often referred to as dead spots, by increasing the power and changing antenna parameters to minimize this effect. While this helps, in the real world this still only achieves about 95% accuracy,” said Robert Simoneau, Prosegur Retail Division CTO.

“[The new] approach has the result of moving null spots around in rapid succession using advanced signal processing so that the previously blind spots can be read. The technology is already used in tracking of metal parts in the presence of substantial metal fixtures and enclosures, the toughest environment for RFID signal to work properly and has consistently achieved 100% read rates. This is the true game changer for retail that everyone has been waiting for.”

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