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A new breed of PTZ cameras with AI-based auto tracking has arrived


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PTZ cameras have always been a useful tool in the surveillance arsenal, but the larger form factor of some models can restrict deployment options to outdoor areas or indoor areas with high ceilings. In addition to manual control, IP-based PTZ cameras commonly follow motion-triggered activity within their line of vision. Many higher-end PTZ cameras support a “hand off” feature where an alarm event informs the PTZ camera when motion occurs in a zone, causing the PTZ camera to automatically track and follow that motion without human intervention.

Strategically placed PTZ cameras are a good compliment to fixed cameras because they can optically zoom into objects of interest and render excellent detail which is critical when identifying persons and vehicles. With such obvious advantages, having more PTZ cameras deployed would be ideal, but finding an ideal place to install them has, until now, been challenging.

The good news is that i-PRO has released a new breed of smaller, lightweight PTZ cameras to the market. These S-series PTZ cameras are similar in size to traditional dome cameras and with new reduced profile mounting options, installing them based on achieving the best image versus where they will fit is easier than ever. Deployments need no longer be restricted by the size of the dome. The new S-series PTZs also come with AI-based auto tracking, which can detect vehicles and people, making them more accurate while virtually eliminating false alarms compared to traditional cameras that only react to pixel-based motion.

Open platform AI comes to PTZs

The powerful built-in AI processor inside the i-PRO S-series PTZ cameras was designed to make operators’ lives much easier. The onboard Ambarella SoC supports advanced AI auto tracking which can automatically detect, zoom and track people, vehicles and bicycles. Unique attributes of detected objects such as color and type are also leveraged to enhance tracking accuracy, such as following a red vehicle. The cameras can run two different deep learning AI applications simultaneously at the edge of the network, reducing load and server infrastructure costs.

These are also some of the first PTZ cameras to feature an open AI platform on the edge that allows end users or integrators to customize analytics for the unique requirements of the job from several third-party vendors. i-PRO’s open AI strategy enables third-party applications to be easily integrated through a software developer kit — giving access to a wide range of automation processes and applications while providing advanced search and alert metadata to popular VMS platforms such as Genetec and Milestone.

Best-in-class low-light performance

i-PRO’s new S-series PTZs have been upgraded with the latest image sensors and lenses, delivering improved image quality and best-in-class low-light sensitivity so that colors are preserved (0.015lx). Available in 2MP and 5MP resolutions and offering 3.1x-40x zoom ratios in indoor and outdoor settings, the S-series PTZs also support a variety of environments with options such as smoke-tinted dome, salt resistance and black models. An auto-track cooperation feature supports seamless a PTZ hand off from the latest i-PRO multi-sensor cameras for uninterrupted monitoring.

With IP66/IP67 ingress protection and IK10 impact resistance, the outdoor S-series PTZs are built to withstand challenging outdoor environments and can operate effectively in minus 58 to 140-degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. Security operators will also notice faster PTZ response times during preset operations and improvements in auto focus in manual operations, ensuring operators have access to consistently sharp images.

U-series PTZ cameras

For the first time, i-PRO has also added PTZ cameras to its U-series, a cost-effective, yet cyber-secure range for the most price-sensitive installations. The new U-series PTZ cameras are designed for projects that do not require AI functionality but still need the core benefits of i-PRO’s quality, reliability and cybersecurity. The cameras offer customers a cost-effective, easy-to-install and cyber-secure PTZ with leading image quality even in low lighting situations. The new U-series PTZ outdoor models are available in 2MP resolutions with 3.1x-21x zoom ratios for both indoor and outdoor settings. The cameras also meet IP66 ingress and IK10 impact resistance standards. 

Maintenance free design

i-PRO’s maintenance-free design is a key benefit to integrators and represents significant cost savings for security officers over the life of the camera. Integrators appreciate i-PRO’s five-year, maintenance-free design since PTZs have several moving parts as they move to different positions regularly. Traditional belt-driven systems are not as durable and result in more maintenance calls by integrators to repair or replace PTZs which increases the downtime of a system. i-PRO PTZs use a gear drive system, which is more durable and lasts longer compared to belt-driven systems.

i-PRO PTZs offer tamper resistant-technology, identity-based authentication, strong encryption and an extra layer of security that helps protect IT networks. NDAA and TAA compliant, the S-series and U-series PTZs have also achieved the highest level of cybersecurity with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification.

For more information, visit: i-pro.com

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