QMI reveals details of heavy-duty retrofit steel door for retail stores


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For some premises the simplest security solution is a tough steel door and Illinois-based QMI Security Solutions believes it has come up with an answer.

 Its heavy-duty, high-security commercial steel door system can be retrofitted in almost any premises and QMI expects it to attract customers with jewelry stores, pawn shops, liquor stores, electronic stores, gas stations and pharmacies.

1-ISJ- QMI reveals details of heavy-duty retrofit steel door for retail stores
“security literally recovers and resets between cuts”

It features anti-cut assemblies, integrated anti-drill plates, an interlocking astragal and continuous hinge, and a five-point locking system. The door’s active anti-cut technology prevents both electric and gas-powered circular and reciprocating saw attacks for which QMI has applied for a patent claiming “security literally recovers and resets between cuts”.

In its promotional information and video QMI says: “This is an industry first commercial back door with ultra high security that still meets life safety egress/fire escape building codes.”

The rear doors of premises are a weak point with some retailers using chains or frame bolts to increase security. But these can be illegal under fire regulations and unsafe for employees in the event of a fire and can also prevent fire services entering premises.

QMI promises protection against
  • Saw Cut Attacks
  • Drill Attacks
  • Pry Bar Attacks
  • Sledgehammer Attacks
Easy fitment
  • Uses existing steel door frames
  • Uses existing or new alarm connections
  • Little aesthetic change,

Door stiffness is also enhanced and it comes with a Trident locking system. The integrated anti-drill plates defend against drill breaches; these high-security drill plates are bonded and fastened to the interior door face, serving as a barrier to steel or cobalt drill bits and hole saw attacks.

An interlocking astragal protects the exterior door edges from pry attacks, and a stainless steel continuous hinge is through-bolted through the pre-existing frame for maximum hinge side security and easy retrofit.

3-ISJ- QMI reveals details of heavy-duty retrofit steel door for retail stores

The cost of the door includes a site visit to measure and assess existing door handling and accessories. For new construction, customers should select the handing and other accessories desired.

About QMI Security Solutions

Founded in 1986, this family-founded business has grown consistently for more than three decades into a business of more than 100 employees. Jim Miller, QMI President and founder, purchased Mid Continent Rolling Shutter in Naperville, Illinois. He had traveled to Europe where exterior rolling shutters are commonplace due to high energy costs and the greater efficiency of exterior window treatments. Jim named the new company Qualitas Manufacturing, Inc. and expanded the product lines. In 2002, QMI moved to its present headquarters at 1661 Glenlake Drive, Itasca, Illinois.

QMI was recapitalized by Prospect Partners in 2017 along with management. Under Prospect and management’s ownership, QMI has continued to develop new physical security barrier products and to grow revenue as it expands its sales channels.

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