Qognify appoints Brian Laurienzo, Director of Transportation for Americas

Brian Laurienzo Qognify

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Security software developer Qognify has announced the appointment of Brian Laurienzo as its Director of Transportation, Americas.

Qognify provides physical security software solutions to national rail operators and infrastructure owners, international airports and mass transit systems around the world. 

Laurienzo’s appointment comes a month after Qognify launched its new video management system, which promised transportation organizations best value return on security investment.

With more than 20 years of expertise in video surveillance and physical security, Laurienzo said: “Qognify is uniquely equipped to help transportation authorities respond consistently in case of an incident. The use of public transport depends heavily on the extent to which an organization succeeds in providing a consistently high level of safety and security. 

“The video system plays a significant role, as it represents the ‘eyes’ of a transportation organization. It is often the central point where events from other physical security systems such as video analytics, access control, and shot detection converge. This integrated view is one of the major strengths of Qognify’s portfolio.”

Jeremy Howard, VP Physical Security Sales, Americas, at Qognify, said: “As part of the Qognify Americas team, Brian will focus on expanding our transportation customer base by leveraging our next-generation solutions and long history of solving the industry’s most challenging use cases.”

About Qognify

Qognify solutions help organizations capture, analyze, and leverage big data to anticipate, manage, and mitigate security and safety risks, maintain business continuity, and streamline operations. The Qognify offerings provide valuable insights that enable enterprises and security-conscious organizations to take the best action at the right time by correlating structured and unstructured data from multiple sensors and channels, detecting irregular patterns, and recognizing trends.

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