Quanergy collaborates with Teledyne FLIR

Teledyne FLIR

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A 3D LiDAR security solutions provider has formed a strategic partnership with Teledyne FLIR.

Quanergy is collaborating with the global manufacturer to provide a seamless, integrated solution that can address unique security challenges in critical infrastructure environments.

Quanergy & Teledyne FLIR

By partnering with one another, the two companies can provide an integrated solution capable of enhancing situational awareness in challenging conditions.

For example, critical infrastructure sites often feature uneven terrain and thus change sensitivity settings to overcome challenges.

This often causes a surge in false alarms and adds numerous additional expenses.

Quanergy’s Q-Track combines the company’s long range 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software, providing users with accurate 3D intelligent proactive awareness.

Similarly, the FLIR Elara DX-Series multispectral PTZ security camera provides situational awareness in the most difficult environments.

The new integration now allows Q-Track to send object location to a FLIR thermal camera such as the FLIR Elara DX-Series.

“An exceptional approach”

Matt Strautman, Director, of Global Business Development – Security, Teledyne FLIR said: “Our goal is to provide the most efficient and secure solutions to our customers.

“The partnership with Quanergy gives us the opportunity to present a complete solution in specific areas where we cannot use our sensors for detection.

“The combination of our two sensors not only helps with threats of intrusion but improves safety by being able to quickly locate and track targets in all types of dangerous situations/terrains/areas.”

“Customers seek enhanced situational awareness and precision in video surveillance, regardless of its intended use,” added Gerald Becker, Vice President, Market Development and Alliances, Quanergy.

“The fusion of Quanergy and Teledyne FLIR technologies offers an exceptional approach to detect, track and classify individuals and objects in motion within sensitive or secured environments with high accuracy.”

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