Autonomous mobile security robot introduced

RADDOG - security robot from RAD

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Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) has unveiled RADDOG, a fully autonomous quadruped security robot with the ability to speak, listen and respond to verbal commands.

Autonomous security robot

According to the company, RADDOG has AI built into its mobile and stationary robotics that enable its communication capabilities.

RAD notes that the new advanced AI features include the mobile security robot’s ability to detect and approach humans, engage humans in the manner similar to that of a security officer, maintain a safe distance and if necessary, command, follow or even escort individuals off a property, all performed autonomously.

“Our objective is to enhance security operations while reducing risk and ensuring efficiency. RADDOG or other RAD devices enabled with this level of AI functionality will be a tangible representation of this commitment,” said CEO of RAD, Steve Reinharz.

“With our advanced human detection capabilities RADDOG and soon other RAD devices, will be able to reliably identify and autonomously react to potential threats. Its autonomous mobility will enable it to patrol diverse terrain and locations that might present risks to human officers.

“In case of security breaches or emergencies, RADDOG can autonomously escalate its responses, alerting human operators that are monitoring the activity or it can activate its integrated security systems.”


Reinharz highlighted that this advanced AI functionality will be included in the future release of RADDOG 3S, scheduled to be commercially available this October for the security services, logistics and property management industries.

Law enforcement’s version, RADDOG 2LE, is scheduled to begin shipping in late August.

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