Arizona selects Rave Alert for emergency notification system

Rave Alert - emergency notification

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Motorola Solutions has announced that the state of Arizona has selected Rave Alert to enable emergency notification and reverse 911 alerting in its 81 public safety answering points (PSAPs).

According to the company, with the cloud-based tool, each 911 center in the state can now send mass communications and emergency notifications to residents and state employees via email, text message, desktop pop-ups, digital signage, social media and landline phones.

“When crises occur or are predicted, public safety agencies must swiftly get potentially lifesaving information out to community members so they can take action,” said Travis Jensen, Administrator for the State of Arizona 911.

“Motorola Solutions’ Rave Alert will allow The State 911 Office to provide an imperative public safety tool that increases communication via a variety of channels during emergencies to help keep our residents safe.”

Emergency notifications

The company highlights that with the deployment of Rave Alert, 911 centers throughout Arizona can now work together to issue consistent public safety notifications, resident polls, emergency evacuation notices, Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) messages from FEMA and other timely communications.

“Our collaboration with Arizona marks the 15th statewide deployment of Rave technologies,” said Todd Piett, Corporate Vice President, Command Center SaaS Operations at Motorola Solutions.

“More and more governments at the state level are recognizing that consistent, reliable and interconnected safety solutions play a valuable role in empowering community members before and during emergencies, ultimately helping to save lives.”  

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