Record year for remote guarding reported by Elite Interactive Solutions in 2023

Control room - remote guarding

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Elite Interactive Solutions (EIS), a provider of manned guard replacement using proprietary intelligence and 100% verified police calls, has announced that its final 2023 year-end crime prevention results significantly improved upon the company’s previous remote guarding outcomes.

Elite highlights that its remote guarding services are making an impact in preventing crimes as verifiably proven by having achieved more than double the voice-down command center interventions since 2021 and teaming with law enforcement on 80% more arrests as compared to 2022.

In 2023, EIS reports that its 24/7/365 Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) directly prevented nearly 73,000 incidents and actively assisted with police in nearly 1,700 other real-time crime situations that concluded with suspects being detained or arrested 60% of the time.

According to the company, these remote guarding statistics are all record highs, as are the nearly eight million events that were managed and 1,010 detainments and arrests.

Remote guarding

“Utilizing and leveraging the technology appropriately to remote guard several hundreds of properties across the nation has immensely helped in crime prevention and dispatching officers to crimes in an efficient and timely manner,” said EIS Security Director Noel Delgado.

“These past years’ numbers show and prove that when a system is calibrated correctly you can prevent numerous amounts of crime without engaging officers, which our SOCC does 96% of the time.

“For the other 4% of the time, when we do engage officers to respond, we have a 60% rate of arrest/detainments.

“This is testament to the hardworking men and women at Elite who contribute in all areas to make sure a site is forensically engineered, installed, serviced and commissioned perfectly.”

“Understanding how to structure and deploy Elite’s essential components evolved from my longtime vision to bring a more proactive approach of true crime prevention to the security industry,” added EIS Founder and CEO Aria Kozak.

“These latest metrics show that what many had viewed as impossible is now achievable through the right blend of expertise, technologies, best practices, trained personnel and police relationships.”

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