Winning the relay race with next-generation radio

Chris Chuang, CEO of Relay - next-generation radio

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Chris Chuang, CEO of Relay tells Security Journal Americas about the company’s plans for growth over the next year with its next-generation radio.

Can you tell me about yourself and your role at Relay?

I’m Chris Chuang, the Co-Founder and CEO of Relay, a North Carolina-based high growth technology company serving frontline teams.

Prior to Relay, I was CEO of Republic Wireless, a consumer wireless provider rated number one prepaid carrier by Consumer Reports and COO of Bandwidth (a now publicly traded communications platform company).

Before jumping into the entrepreneurship world, I was a venture capital investor at TCV and a consultant at McKinsey.

My most important role is being a father to four amazing kids and a husband to my wife of 20 years.

Can you tell me about Relay’s next-generation radio?

Relay is a next-generation radio for enhancing safety and operations in one small, durable and lightweight device.

Frontline workers rely on us across many industries including hospitality, casinos, healthcare, security, education and more.

Relay devices have better connectivity and are smart devices so we can combine tools for communication, a panic button, translation and more into one. 

What makes Relay stand out in the market?

We stand out because accessible innovation is at the heart of Relay, making advanced communication tools affordable and simple to use for every worker, regardless of device or language.

Our platform has superior connectivity leveraging both cellular and Wi-Fi, offering unlimited range, built-in location tracking and a panic button to enhance safety and operational excellence.

By avoiding costly infrastructure and using more durable devices than traditional radios, Relay’s next-generation radio drives significant cost savings.

Its software-based nature allows the creation of unlimited channels within an easy-to-use dashboard, reducing management time and increasing efficiency.

This approach has led to its rapid adoption across various industries, showcasing the impact of making advanced technology accessible to all.

What are the company’s plans to expand over the next 12 months?

We’ve more than doubled our revenues in the last several years and were recently recognized as one of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 companies. We are hiring!

We have a customer obsessed culture at Relay and we’re investing in areas that will best help our customers.

One of those areas is overcoming language barriers, which is why we recently released Team Translate for our next-generation radio.

Team Translate effortlessly bridges team language gaps with real-time translation across all Relay channels, accommodating more than 20 languages customized to each user’s language preference.

We also just recently launched Rounds which helps security teams passively track scheduled rounds or patrols.

You’ll automatically receive a notification when your employees have missed their rotations.

We have a lot more in the works that we hope will save time and money for security professionals, other frontline workers and leaders.

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