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Telehouse has strengthened perimeter security at its Staten Island facility with an innovative solution from Magos.

Telehouse America, a KDDI Group company and a global leader for data centers, international internet exchanges and managed IT services, currently operates more than 45 data centers globally, with three in the United States – one in Los Angeles and two in New York City.

The company has long been applauded for 24/7 monitored video surveillance and access control systems at its sites, which enables Telehouse to ensure that all sensitive data belonging to its impressive list of clients – from fast-growing startup firms to multi-national corporations in the finance, cloud, IT and consumer sectors – remains maximally secured.

Over the years, the need for physical security on sites like those belonging to Telehouse has grown, and with it, a surge in relevant regulatory requirements and standards, to which the company must comply.

To continue to offer its clients leading secure data solutions, Telehouse made the future-forward decision to transition the Staten Island, New York site from a legacy security system featuring fixed cameras to a best-in-class layered security system that leverages the latest, most comprehensive and innovative technologies.

The challenge

Opened in 1989, the New York Teleport data center houses 162,000 square feet of premium colocation space, within a secure 100-acre office park on Staten Island.

Just 17 miles from Manhattan and less than 12 miles from Newark Airport, the site is surrounded by forested areas, where local fauna roam free. As such, the need to secure all of the site’s multiple entryways against unauthorized personnel using 360-degree monitoring is a critical necessity.

The site’s on-premise security offices were always staffed around the clock in addition to two other remote monitoring sites. However, there was a need for a more comprehensive and real time solution that aided their efforts. Telehouse required perimeter security measures that were more reliable and affordable than infrared solutions or smart fiber fencing and that could provide live alerts to security operators for real-time response, in addition to recording surveillance data for forensic and/or liability purposes.

The Magos solution

Magos’ radar perimeter detection system was selected to spot potential threats across Telehouse’s property line, essentially creating a virtual fence around the building. Six radars with the Magos Mass + AI server were installed on site, a solution that combines cutting-edge radar detection technology with artificial intelligence-infused software to pinpoint and classify the type and location of all detected potential threats.

The MASS software automatically positions, and slews to cue, a PTZ camera to provide a visual of the threat and uses AI to further determine the threat type of the detected target. For example, the AI has the ability to distinguish between a human trespasser and local wildlife and adjusts their response when recognizing a potential threat.

The Magos solution was easily integrated with the New York Teleport data center’s existing Genetec video management system for quick and seamless deployment and fast uptime. Additionally, together with its systems integrator partner Schneider Electric, Magos continues to provide system updates, while ensuring highly responsive support, as required. 

“Our perimeter security is the crucial first line of defense in our layered security strategy, and the Magos radar solution provides that high level of reliability and accuracy needed,” said Milad Abdelmessih, Vice President at Telehouse America.

“Hardening our facilities with intelligent and robust security technology such as that from Magos allows us to maintain high levels of regulatory compliance that is required to protect our customer’s sensitive data and maintain our operational uptime.”

The results

Magos’ broad coverage enabled Telehouse to achieve the 360-degree site monitoring capabilities they require, regardless of environmental or lighting (day or night) conditions. This enables security staff to know who arrives on site and when and to be able to react to potential events with a significantly faster response time.

The original design for the project included the purchase of hundreds of cameras designed to run video analytics, along with the related infrastructure for such a massive camera deployment. The installation of Magos radar technology provided superior detection and analysis in a more cost-effective solution, thus significantly increasing the ROI of the Telehouse security investment.

Moreover, the ability of Magos’ Mass + AI solution to identify and classify potential threats (including animals) has significantly reduced the level of false and nuisance alarms, freeing security operators’ attention to address other priority tasks and ensuring that only the most relevant perimeter alarm information is sent to security staff and other key stakeholders.

“Accuracy and reliability of detection is most crucial at the perimeter, when security staff have the most time to react and respond appropriately,” said Yaron Zussman, General Manager, Magos Americas. “For organizations like Telehouse that depend on minimal operational disruptions, the ability of the Magos radar to accurately detect and analyze potential threats and filter the most important alarms is a crucial aspect to the success of their security operations.”  

Magos Systems

Magos Systems was founded in 2010 by Aviel Kisliansky and Amit Isseroff, with a vision to bring advanced radar technologies to the civilian markets. The company offers extensive know-how and specializes in the development of innovative, high-performance, cost-effective radars.

Magos’ perimeter security solution seamlessly integrates with many video management systems and ONVIF-conformant camera models and, together with its unique AI technology, provides exact video-based object classification to cut down nuisance alarms to near zero without compromising threat detection capabilities. With broad international experience in hundreds of installations for over 40 countries, Magos Systems provides comprehensive and advanced security solutions for multiple verticals.

Telehouse America

A stable and trusted pioneer of carrier-neutral data center services, TELEHOUSE (a KDDI Group company) offers secure, power-protected environments for clients to house and operate their telecommunications and network resources.

One of the many benefits of using TELEHOUSE’s colocation service is its global availability of over 45 TELEHOUSE-branded data centers in cities throughout Asia, Africa, North America and EMEA. TELEHOUSE enables customers to enjoy continuous, cost-effective IT connectivity around the world.

For more information, visit magossystems.com and www.telehouse.com

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