RGB Spectrum releases new advanced AV decision support

RGB - AV decision support

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RGB Spectrum, which specializes in mission-critical video for real-time decision support, has announced its latest product innovations designed to improve video distribution and display at the desk, on the video wall or for mobile deployment.  

As part of the new range, the Zio Recording and Media Server will be released, which is available in various models all designed to support multiple stream recording and playback simultaneously.  

Improvements to AV decision support  

It also comes with storage options sized to meet customers’ needs and playback options which include synchronized group playback, pause playback, different speeds and jump time.  

Another product, from the Zio 2100 Series, is RGB’s newest family of encoders, decoders and multiviewers delivers units that support up to 4Kp60 resolution.  

These units support PoE++, eliminating the need for a dedicated power cord by providing power via the Ethernet port.  

Two new multiviewers called QuadView and SuperView IPX are part of the range, with the pair supporting IP and local baseband sources.  

The QuadView IPX supports up to four resizable windows containing any IP or baseband content combo, while the SuperView IPX supports up to four resizable IP and four resizable baseband sources. 

Lastly is XtendPoint Link, a new KVM system, that features multiviewer desktop displays and can access up to eight computers over two monitors simultaneously.  

With the addition of the new XtendPointLink, users can customize their workspaces to handle more monitors by combining XtendPoint receivers with single mouse and keyboard controls of all controllable systems. 

RGB Spectrum‘s commitment to innovation and excellence has made us a trusted partner for organizations worldwide, from government agencies and military operations to emergency response teams and corporate security,” said Scott Norder, COO 

“Our solutions are engineered to provide reliability, performance and ease of use, ensuring users can focus on their mission-critical tasks without distraction.” 

RBG Spectrum will showcase all of these products at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, which takes place in Barcelona from Tuesday 30 January to Friday 2 February.  

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