Rhombus partners with Lumeo on physical security and video analytics

Video analytics and surveillance - new solution from Rhombus and Lumeo

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Rhombus, a provider of cloud-managed enterprise physical security, has announced a new partnership with Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions. According to the companies, the partnership will enable Rhombus to offer its customers an enhanced layer of security by integrating Lumeo’s video analytics software with the former’s physical security platform.

Integrated systems

The collaboration between Rhombus and Lumeo presents a holistic centralized monitoring solution that provides robust video surveillance analytics suitable for any business. Regardless of whether it is a commercial central station, a security service entity or a global enterprise, the companies say that this partnership will enhance security and utilize video data to provide practical and valuable information.

This advanced technology will enable additional features within the Rhombus Console such as crowd detection, queue length measurement, fire detection and others, providing more extensive and detailed information for investigations and alerts to security teams.


“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Lumeo,” said Garrett Larsson, CEO of Rhombus. “With the integration of Lumeo’s advanced video analytics software, we’re able to offer our customers a new layer of security that was previously unavailable. By combining Lumeo’s technology with our own, we’re able to provide businesses with a complete physical security solution that’s both powerful and easy to use.”

By working together, the two companies say they can provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the growing security needs of businesses.

“Rhombus is known for their innovative physical security solutions and we’re excited to bring our video analytics technology to their solution. With our technology integrated into Rhombus’ software, businesses can rest assured that their physical security needs are being met with the highest level of technology available,” said Devarshi Shah, CEO of Lumeo.

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