RightCrowd partners with Microsoft’s Connected Workplace ecosystem


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RightCrowd, a global provider of safety, security and compliance solutions that manages the access and presence of people, has announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft – building on top of their new Connected Workplace platform, Microsoft Places.

“We’re excited to partner with Microsoft to help deliver the tools necessary to help organizations make it easier to manage the unique challenges associated with hybrid work arrangements”, said Peter Hill, CEO, RightCrowd. “As more companies adopt a hybrid work model, they are forced to reconsider how they engage with workers in the office, and the flexibility of working where they want. RightCrowd is optimizing workspaces with solutions for hybrid working and workplace access, without compromising on safety, security and compliance.”

Announced at Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference, Microsoft Places helps everyone understand who will be in the office when, where people are sitting, what meetings to attend in person, and how to book space on the days your team is already planning to come in — in the company’s words — “optimize the use of physical space” while also modernizing physical space with updated technology and providing valuable insights to leaders about optimizing places.

“Delivering the promise of hybrid work requires collaboration across the Connected Workplace category,” said Lars Johnson, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams and Connected Workplace. “With our Connected Workplace partner ecosystem that includes industry leaders like RightCrowd we are excited to help solve the changing workplace needs of our customers and transform spaces into places where colleagues can connect.”

Overwhelmingly, people come into the office for each other. The Microsoft Places platform will deliver value to today’s flexible workplaces with solutions that coordinate where work happens, modernize the office with intelligent technology, and optimize the workplace for changing needs.

RightCrowd’s intelligent suite of workplace access solutions will help companies to streamline and automate access management, whether it’s updating permissions, setting access schedules, or granting access. The company is eager to bring these unique capabilities to Microsoft Places by leveraging its 18 years of experience gained with Fortune 100 deployments and across a wide variety of industry segments.

For more information, visit: www.rightcrowd.com

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