River Cree Resort and Casino deploys Genetec Security Center

River Cree Resort and Casino - deploys Genetec Security Center

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Genetec Inc., provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions, has helped River Cree Resort and Casino to modernize its security, surveillance and compliance with a unified solution based on Genetec Security Center.

The Alberta, Canada-based casino, hotel and entertainment venue is owned and operated by the Enoch Cree Nation. It welcomes 45,000 guests each week, with all profits directly invested into social programs in the First Nation community.

The River Cree Casino uses Genetec Security Center to manage over 1,150 cameras and 150 doors. They have also connected their fire alarm system and 25 DMP panic buttons within the unified platform. Now, both surveillance and security operators work from a unified view of the casino and resort, from a central command center. Not only does this help them see what’s happening across the entire 49-acre property, they can also quickly respond to alarms with all information at hand.

The casino has also implemented a number of additional features and capabilities to simplify operations and enhance community collaboration. Genetec Plan Manager, the map-based interface of Security Center, plots all cameras, doors and sensors on a map of the property, enabling operators to quickly locate where alarm notifications are coming from.

The KiwiVision People Counter helps with public health compliance, as a backup system to vet numbers from existing people counting solutions. Furthermore, deploying the Genetec Clearance digital evidence management system simplifies and secures the process of sharing footage with law enforcement, insurance partners and legal teams while protecting personal privacy. Clearance also helps streamline yearly gaming commission audits.

River Cree Casino are also looking to implement the Genetec AutoVu Cloudrunner vehicle-centric investigation system to gain more vehicle-related data and video to support investigations and to add video surveillance onboard their staff shuttle buses using Streamvault appliances.

Bob McDonald, Director of Surveillance and Compliance at River Cree Resort and Casino, said: “An open platform has been key for us. The flexibility and openness helped us reduce initial upgrade costs and transition to IP over time. With Security Center, we know that no matter what we’re looking to do, we’ll have options for new features, built-in modules, cloud solutions and third-party integrations that will serve our needs.”

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