Meet the team of robots on 24/7 security patrol in New Mexico

Security robots on patrol in New Mexico. SMP Robotics is has new partner to the US market, Team 1ST Technologies LLC.

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SMP Robotics has revealed its latest partner in the USA: Team 1ST Technologies LLC, which is using its specialized security patrol robots.

The company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Team 1ST Technologies has a staff of specialists who provide support for the operation of the autonomous mobile robots. 

Team 1ST operators carry out round-the-clock, remote monitoring of robots from a centralized control centre. It means the company can guarantee uninterrupted 24/7 patrols of a protected area. All the protected areas are within the state of New Mexico, so the cost of maintenance of the robots by the company’s personnel is ‘not significant’, says the company. In its press statement the company reveals it has plans to offer the same robot surveillance service in Texas.

SMP Robotics Systems Corp is based in California and has earned a worldwide reputation for its mobile surveillance systems. It offers a range of robots each with different functions and onboard equipment, including gas detection and air quality inspection, some can be fitted with infra red cameras, as well as the security robots pictured here.

SMP’s Picard robots have already been employed for the patrolling and security at a number of different sites including:
Robots now in operation in New Mexico
One of the new SMP robots operated by Team 1ST Technologies

Team 1ST Technologies LLC, which is using its specialized security patrol robots, has been operating in the security market for many years and works with partners in other states of the USA. 

For its latest robot project he company’s management decided to involve trained partners with an office in close proximity to the consumer to service robots in other states. Now, the company expects to expand significantly the scope of implementation of robotic security and provide a high level of service while supporting operation.

With this service, the company is forecasting significant expansion with wide employment of robotic security and providing service and support.


Based in Albuquerque, TEAM 1ST has been working with New Mexico education institutions and businesses since 2007. Its team includes a 30-year veteran teacher/trainer and AVIXA CTS, CTS-D certified audio-visual designers, Crestron Certified Design-Programmers-Installation, and project specialists.

TEAM 1ST TECHNOLOGIES LLC promises “an unmatched experience level when developing interactive and collaborative technology environments for our customers.”

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