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Iris recognition - blue eye

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Rank One Computing ( has announced the launch of its iris recognition solution.

By leveraging AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning expertise, says that it was able to develop an iris matching algorithm that outperforms global competitors in just a few short months. 

According to the company, in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) IREX rankings,’s algorithm proved to be 100 times faster than certain competitors – with an accuracy in searching two eyes (left and right iris) of 99.3% at a false positive ID rate of 1.0%. 

“While not surprised, I am remarkably impressed with our team’s ability to build such a powerful set of algorithms in such a short time,” said CEO Scott Swann.

“We announced our first fingerprint matching algorithms earlier this year and now we have one of the leading iris algorithms.

“We’re developing from the ground up, here in the US, and competing head-to-head with established foreign biometric giants.”

Iris recognition development

“The ROC team’s journey began less than six months ago with a commitment to revolutionize the field of iris recognition,” said Blake Moore, VP of Product and Customer Success.

“We embarked on a mission to develop a US-native algorithm that would establish a new standard for accuracy and speed.

“We are delighted to have delivered on this goal in our first submission and in record time.”

“Our approach to developing iris recognition capabilities was quite similar to past efforts that have delivered the industry-leading face and fingerprint recognition algorithms that is renowned for,” remarked Brendan Klare, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder.

“It is a combination of the pattern recognition scientific principles espoused by the seminal textbook pattern classification, a blue-collar work ethic and mentality and software engineering trade secrets that for nearly a decade now have landed ROC as the fastest and most efficient computer vision algorithm developer in the world.”

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