Safer Schools Initiative rolled out by Rank One Computing in West Virginia

West Virginia map - where ROC is rolling out school safety initiative

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Rank One Computing (ROC) has announced that its Safer Schools Initiative pilot program has been launched in West Virginia.

The platform

According to the company, this initiative will improve safety for students, teachers and staff – first in West Virginia public schools, then across the US and around the world.

The company says that its live video analytics platform ROC Watch will be used to identify visitors and help administrators manage building access before guests enter the front office. Through a fast, easy mobile enrollment process, staff and visitors set up a profile within a virtual badgeless visitor management system stored locally with each school.


ROC Watch can be used to:

  • Approve or deny visitors before they enter the premises
  • Detect incidents or intruders, including long guns 
  • Configure smart alerts for any device
  • Count or locate missing children during an incident

ROC highlights that more than 50 schools in four West Virginia districts are a part of the initial rollout of its live video analytics platform into existing camera systems.

Last month, ROC Watch went live at West Fairmont Middle School and Marion County School District. This month, campuses in Taylor, Doddridge and Putnam counties will all follow in the implementation process, which entails installing software to enhance the capabilities of existing security camera systems.

During this pilot phase, ROC says it is working closely with community partners in West Virginia to optimize its technology.

A top priority

“We are thrilled to be working in West Virginia to pilot this important innovation. School safety is a top priority for us. We are dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that will help build a safer future for children and educators everywhere,” said ROC CEO Scott Swann.

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