SALTO enhances BLUEnet wireless technology series


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SALTO Systems has extended the ability of its BLUEnet Wireless technology with the introduction of the new BLUEnet Door Controller. 

The standalone unit simplifies the installation process and guarantees maximum standards of convenience, security and connectivity, the company reports.  

SALTO’s BLUEnet Door Controller does away with the complexity of installing hard-wired units, giving site operators the same high levels of functionality and connectivity while saving time and resources.  

Thanks to the small housing design of these compact units, the BLUEnet Door Controller is suitable for standard mounting DIN rails, optimizing cabling in any building application. 

The BLUEnet Door Controller Series expands upon the capabilities of SALTO‘s BLUEnet Wireless technology, offering a keyless entry experience.  

It enables door control panels to connect to all types of smart access control applications.  

BLUEnet features 

Further, this compact DIN rail built-in unit serves as a comprehensive access control solution suitable for installation in standard electrical distribution boards, equipped with relays and input connections that enable both online and standalone access points.  

Building managers can now select between all-in-one cloud-based access and on-premises system configurations, tailoring each building’s security needs and automating security at all levels. 

The standard BLUEnet Door Controller unit enjoys full compatibility with all the main features of SALTO’s smart access platform.  

Its technology also allows for improved visibility, can extend SVN capabilities to any access point and enables building managers to streamline operations across any number of sites and locations within a constantly updating access control ecosystem. 

The BLUEnet Door Controller Series control panel is designed to control electric gates, automatic doors, barriers and elevators.  

It includes relays and intelligence abilities necessary to provide a secure and smart access solution.  

Keyless access control

SALTO reports that this newest addition meets the highest industry standards for security, allowing building operators and managers to discover the benefits of a smart, keyless access control system that combines maximum functionality with complete peace of mind. 

Supporting up to two entry points and one SALTO Wall Reader, the BLUEnet Door Controller can function as an independent, wire-free solution.  

It is also compatible with the full range of SALTO hard-wired wall readers.  

With wireless connectivity and no wiring required, this unit is an all-in-one solution that includes features such as SVN-flex door detection, remote opening, lockdown and easy office. 

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