Texas schools use computer vision to ensure student safety

Students in school - student safety

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SparkCognition, a provider of AI software solutions, has been selected by Pecos-Barstow-Toyah Independent School District (PBTISD) in Texas to deploy its computer vision solution to strengthen school security and increase administrator, teacher and student safety.

According to the company, Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD is deploying SparkCognition’s Visual AI Advisor to detect threats, identify security breaches and prevent safety and security incidents.

Computer vision

SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor is a proactive computer vision solution that leverages existing cameras to analyze situations in real-time and provide actionable alerts.

It scales to thousands of cameras using a low-code/no-code integration framework and deploys at the edge to enhance student safety.

“Ensuring a safe school environment is paramount to fostering students’ success, growth and well-being,” said Brent Jaco, PBTISD Superintendent. 

“With SparkCognition’s Visual AI Advisor, we can enhance our security measures to quickly detect and prevent threats and provide real-time alerts to our students and staff.”

Student safety

“Texas ranks second in the nation for the highest number of gun incidents on campus and despite investments in traditional school safety measures like fences and films, school shootings are rising,” said Stephen Gold, CMO at SparkCognition

“Visual AI Advisor equips schools with a critical capability to safeguard students and staff, whether it’s an active shooting, individual requiring medical attention or preventing unauthorized access to school grounds.”

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