Tulsa schools utilize Metrasens detection technology

School lockers - detection technology used in Tulsa

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Metrasens has announced that it is the leading detection technology provider for the Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) independent school district by providing its security screening systems across campuses. 

Several TPS schools have integrated Metrasens detection systems, with the prospect of more middle and high school campuses following suit into 2024. 

“Ensuring a secure environment across all TPS district facilities, including school halls, campuses and interscholastic athletic events, is our top priority,” said Dr Matthias Wicks, Chief of Police at Tulsa Public Schools.

“To accomplish this goal, we have deployed Metrasens Ultra technologies and steadfast safety protocols to protect the well-being of everyone in attendance.” 

Detection technology

Metrasens Ultra employs sensor technology that can swiftly and accurately identify potential threats, including concealed weapons.

The company highlights that its detection technology is uniquely flexible for use indoors and outdoors and has a portability factor that allows easy movement within and between facilities, without the need for any physical contact. 

“We are honored to collaborate with TPS, offering the advantages of the Metrasens Ultra detection system to bolster security and instill confidence,” said Chis Arbeitman, Vice President of Market and Business Development at Metrasens.

“The TPS district is at the forefront of advancing safety protocols in K-12 schools and we remain committed to supporting their security initiatives.” 

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