SECURAM unveils advanced smart wall switches for home security


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SECURAM, a provider of innovative security solutions, has announced a new line of security-focused smart wall switches.

According to the company, SECURAM wall switches build on the convenience and customizability of traditional smart wall switches, but add a variety of robust convenience and security features and integrations that enable them to fortify homes.

The new line of smart wall switches come in three configurations, all of which feature an integrated laser-based motion detection sensor, ambient light sensor, night light and backlit buttons.

“Motion-controlled wall switches are a convenient way to control lighting and motion detection is a must-have component of a home security system; we saw an opportunity to combine these two things into one cost-effective and non-obtrusive product that replaces a traditional wall switch,” said Steve Davidson, Director of Marketing at SECURAM.

“Our new security focused, smart wall switches add an important layer of protection to our SECURAM Guard home security service. Our growing line of smart home security products provides customers with a complete system for DIY home monitoring and smart home control.”

With the mobile app, customers can set up, configure, customize and control their smart security switches. The app also allows users to group other SECURAM security devices together to create scenes.

The company says that their switches also feature scene on/off buttons that can be programmed to initiate scenes without using the app.

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