Since 1979, Seagate has been creating precision-engineered data storage technologies that deliver superior capacity, speed, safety and performance. The company has a diverse workforce of 40,000 creative, hard-working, passionate people all over the world, including Silicon Valley, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, China and beyond.

SkyHawk AI from Seagate is the world’s first purpose-built hard drive for artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled surveillance solutions, enabling quicker and smarter decisions. The drive supports deep learning and machine learning workload streams for Edge applications with ImagePerfectAI.

SkyHawk AI simultaneously sustains 32 AI streams alongside 64 video streams and supports multi-bay NVR and AI-enabled NVR. SkyHawk AI offers a 550 TB/year workload rate, more than 3× the workload rate of standard surveillance hard drives in order to manage data deluge in complex video security system environments without sacrificing performance.


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