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Senior Gallagher leaders join US Federal Government Program

Jeff Fields and Paul Haake from Gallagher - standing together

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Gallagher has announced that Jeff Fields, Director and Paul Haake, Senior Systems Engineer have joined the company’s newly formed Federal Government Program, intended to pave the way into a new cyber frontier.

According to Gallagher, Fields and Haake bring a combined 65 years of experience – many directly in the federal landscape – to the Gallagher team and are “brimming with excitement,” as Haake puts it, to launch the new program.

The new program

Fields and Haake envision Gallagher’s Federal Government Program as laying the foundation that will lead the way into a much wider change across verticals in the security industry.

“There are so many changes from the cyber world coming by way of force,” said Fields. “Right now, we’re being challenged at every corner from multiple countries continuing to push the envelope from a data and cybersecurity perspective. Compliance and being able to meet specific certifications within the federal government is going to cascade into other markets.”

“I was at the FICAM Lab in DC when I first learned about Gallagher’s PIV solution and I was blown away by what it could do,” said Haake. “After learning more, I was completely sold on the incredible potential and magnitude of innovation that Gallagher is capable of delivering. From an industry perspective, we’ve got the tools, resources and products that can drive the industry to new heights.”

A holistic system

“Our value proposition in creating this program is that we don’t see Gallagher as just an access control company. That just happens to be a product and service we provide, but we’re innovative and we’re an entire ecosystem that takes disparate products operating in their own shell and brings them into our single solution capable of achieving the results government bodies are looking for. And that’s the mindset I’m bringing to our Federal team,” said Haake.

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