Senstar reveals multi-sensing detection system for situational awareness

Senstar MultiSensor detection system

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The new Senstar MultiSensor detection system was previewed at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) show in Dallas.

“[We are] excited to show Senstar MultiSensor, an AI-based intrusion detection system that uses an embedded sensor fusion engine to intelligently synthesize data from multiple sensing technologies,” said Jeremy Weese, the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

“The system includes short-range radar, PIR, accelerometer, high frequency vibration and image sensors.”

According to the company, the system provides a Probability of Detection (Pd) far exceeding that of traditional sensors while eliminating nearly 100% of nuisance alarms.

With real-time location tracking and ground-level image capture capabilities, security personnel obtain a wider context of events as they occur, thereby enabling the right decisions at exactly the right time.

“Senstar MultiSensor is a real game changer and another example of how Senstar continues to innovate in this industry,” stated Fabien Haubert, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

“Conventional sensor technologies focus on detecting specific physical phenomena and by themselves do not take into account the full context in which an event is occurring.

“With [this new product], we can provide complete and precise situational awareness for each event to make the best decision.”

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