Sophisticated AI delivered with new partnership between Sentry AI and Bold Group

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Sentry AI, a creator of AI Video Monitoring solutions and Bold Group, part of EverCommerce Security and Alarm solutions and a provider of automation software for security businesses, have announced a product collaboration that offers enhanced AI capabilities that central stations and guard services may implement with the goal of supercharging their operators, lowering costs and adding new revenue streams.  

Through the integration with Sentry AI’s cutting-edge AI Video Monitoring Platform, Bold Group now offers Situational Awareness AI to enhance video monitoring operations. Available on Stages event monitoring and Manitou alarm monitoring – two flagship automation solutions of Bold Group – this integration offers unprecedented false alarm filtering.

This new platform allows central stations to offer video monitoring services to a much larger user base as it is designed to significantly reduce the time and costs used to handle false alarms. The integration also empowers patrol guards by providing them access to live streams from cameras, real-time alerts with annotated images and the ability to collaborate, all through a secure mobile app.

“Sentry AI’s core mission is to improve the safety and security of our communities. Even with millions of security cameras installed every year, the promise of security is realized only if we monitor them. Central stations are desperately looking for new technologies and solutions to meet the demand. Gaining the monitoring agent’s trust and confidence in an AI-verified alarm is critical for this adoption to succeed and we worked for years to ensure our solution does exactly that,” said Uday Kiran Chaka, CEO and Founder of Sentry AI. “We are delighted to partner with Bold Group to bring an innovative solution to the monitoring stations that will reduce crime and improve community safety.” 

“Our collaboration with Sentry AI will provide the opportunity for the monitoring centers to expand their business by offering state-of-the-art video monitoring services, while providing cost savings from eliminating the nuisance alarms,” said Alison Forsythe, President of Security and Alarm Solutions at EverCommerce. “We utilize collaborations to provide greater value to our customers, in this case allowing them to expand their video monitoring offerings to underserved communities where the camera systems were too expensive to monitor previously.”

For more information on the integrated Sentry AI Video Monitoring Platform with Stages and Manitou, email [email protected] or call 1-408-514-1400 or visit:

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