Sentry Enterprises releases security-lab certified biometric crypto wallet

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Sentry Enterprises has announced its expansion into the cryptocurrency market with the launch of Sentinel Wallet LLC, creating the biometric Sentinel Cold Storage Crypto Wallet.

According to the company, the wallet completes an end-to-end security audit by a credentialed security lab to achieve the Common Criteria EAL5+ software certification on a certified EAL6+ silicon.

The Sentinel Wallet employs a biometrically-protected smartcard, with the biometrics enrolled, stored and matched solely within the wallet’s security perimeter. All sensitive crypto operations, block signing and data handling take place within a secure element inside a tamper-proof card, physically isolated from the outside world when not in use.

“The future of digital money is being driven by the rapid growth and increasing maturity of the cryptocurrency market. Central to this monetary revolution, is the wallet used to store, manage and protect an individual’s private keys,” said Mark Bennett, CEO at Sentry Enterprises. “The Sentinel Wallet is a turn-key solution that will guarantee the acquirer an incredible technological leap over their industry peers.”

The Sentinel Wallet also offers three-factor authentication between the user, hardware wallet and a mobile device.

“Expanding upon the success of our SentryCard cybersecurity identity platform, we’ve been able to address vulnerabilities in other markets segments, like cryptocurrency, that are stronger when requiring absolute proof-of-ownership prior to initiating a transaction,” commented John Calzaretta, President of Sentry Enterprises.

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