Shooter Detection Systems unveils integration with Hanwha Vision

Gunshot - Hanwha Vision and SDS integrate

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Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), a provider of gunshot detection solutions, has announced that it has integrated technologies with Hanwha Vision, to deliver improved safety when gun violence occurs.

The integration is between the SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System and Hanwha Vision’s Wisenet WAVE VMS platform.

Integrated systems

According to SDS, this integration will enable organizations to automatically alert security teams at schools, office buildings and other facilities to gunshot activity by triggering alarms, associate live video feeds with real-time tracking of assailants and take other automated actions when gunfire is detected.

The companies say this will enable customers to enhance their active shooter emergency response planning to include instant video capture, recording and tracking of gun violence events.

This additional situational awareness and instant automation will alert customers and their security teams to gunfire activity faster and with more accuracy, thereby reducing response time to gun violence incidents.

Gunshot detection

The SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System is a network of smart sensors that utilize advanced acoustic detection technology combined with infrared detection to immediately and accurately detect gunshots happening inside a building – without needing line of sight to the weapon.

The SDS sensor instantly transmits shot location information to the SDS floor plan mapping software, onsite security teams and building points of contact simultaneously, while also delivering shot alerts directly to the public-safety answering point (PSAP).

The company says that the focus on advanced infrared technology, when matched with proven, advanced acoustic detection algorithms perfected by SDS, increases gunshot detection accuracy and reduces the false alert rate to other loud noises in the environment.

The integration with Hanwha Wisenet WAVE VMS will significantly expand situational awareness for security teams using the joint solution by automating live video and other actions in response to gunshot detection alerts, the companies say.

Emergency response

”We are excited to be collaborating with SDS,” said Mark Heintzman, Hanwha Vision America’s Technical Partnership Manager.

“With this integrated solution we can provide our WAVE VMS customers with better visibility during emergency situations involving gunfire.”

“We are excited to partner with Hanwha Vision to bring our mutual customers an advanced solution that further automates the emergency communications process when seconds can save lives,” said Yanik Brunet, Vice President of Sales for SDS.

“As a known, trusted brand, Hanwha Vision will accelerate our ability to reach additional markets and address this critical problem in our society together.”

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