Chair of SIA Member Engagement and Experience Committee appointed

John Nemerofsky - SIA

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The Security Industry Association (SIA) has named John Nemerofsky – Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SAGE Integration – as the new Chair of the SIA Member Engagement and Experience Committee.

According to the association, the committee is a key group whose mission is to create and evaluate initiatives that increase member participation and guide the development of the association’s member engagement strategies.

Industry experience

With over 25 years of experience in the security industry, Nemerofsky’s leadership attributes include but are not limited to relationship development, performance expectations, team building and decisive action.

Early in his career, Nemerofsky helped grow a security integration company to $140 million in annual sales while building a Rolodex that includes many of today’s most influential and successful security professionals.

With an early track record of success, he became the Senior Vice President of Stanley Security Systems, overseeing a broad scope of projects that included several turnaround initiatives, operational changes, sales and market expansions and customer acquisitions.

He managed an $800 million P&L and a team of 13 managers with a dotted line to more than 500 team members.

Nemerofsky’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own management consulting company to help other entrepreneurs to optimize business operations, pipeline development, marketing, supply chain, product development, exit strategies, mergers and acquisitions.

In 2017, he joined CGL Electronic Security and applied his management experience to a new entrepreneurial endeavor as president of CGL Technologies.

Today, Nemerofsky is the COO at SAGE Integration, focusing his talents on streamlining operations, company acquisitions and organic growth strategies.

“I am thrilled to chair the Member Experience and Engagement Committee and strongly believe together that we can share all of the fantastic benefits SIA offers our members,” said Nemerofsky.

“To our integrators, SIA offers the opportunity to learn and certify around cybersecurity with SIA’s Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC), project management with the Certified Security Project Management (CSPM) credential or SIA’s Open Supervised Device Protocol with the OSDP Boot Camps. 

“If you are a manufacturer, you have the opportunity to help develop standards that shape the industry.

“SIA offers end users, consultants, integrators and manufacturers a broad range of benefits, including advocacy, professional development, workforce development, community involvement, events and initiatives through our Women in Security Forum.

“Reach out for me on how to get involved with SIA!”

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