SIA launches learning management system for members

Person on laptop - learning management system

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The Security Industry Association (SIA) has launched a new learning management system (LMS) –SIAcademy.

According to the association, SIAcademy is a living library of on-demand training and professional development programs designed to enhance security professionals’ industry knowledge, technical skills and overall job performance.

The new LMS offers a modern, simple and centralized place to access role-based training, certification prep materials and other relevant educational content anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Dynamic learning

“The launch of the SIAcademy learning management system and course catalog is a milestone within SIA and for the security industry,” said Dr Elli Reges, SIA’s Director of Learning and Development.

“This robust new platform offers dynamic learning tools to help learners and employers harness and unleash individual performance potential through customizable learning pathways and strategic investments in human capital and it offers immense growth opportunity for those who prioritize their own professional development.”

SIAcademy, powered by the cloud, delivers on-demand e-learning offerings and live online courses.

Features of the new learning management system include:

  • Easy accessibility and a mobile-friendly interface
  • Interactive engagement tools and gamification
  • Continuing education credits

“I think learners will be very pleased with the new capabilities of SIAcademy!” said DeAndre Thornton, SIA’s Manager of Learning and Development.

“It allows us to facilitate more engagement through discussion boards and other features and reinforce key learning objectives with interactive gamification tools.”

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