SightLogix reveals improved PTZ AI camera

SightLogix - AI Camera

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SightLogix has announced an enhanced version of its SightTracker PTZ, a smart artificial intelligence (AI)-based camera that automatically zooms and follows outdoor intruders with on-target responsiveness. 

The company reports that the new edition has faster and improved tracking, without latency or network delays that inherent in other pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) solutions.  

These new features are available to existing customers through a firmware update and will be included on all new SightTracker PTZ cameras shipped from the factory. 

Automatic AI tracking 

SightTracker PTZ works with SightSensor detection cameras, staying locked onto intruders as they move throughout a site, even beyond the field of view of the detecting camera.  

By re-centering the target up to ten times per second, the SightTracker PTZ keeps the intruder in clear view with striking zoomed-in detail. 

Some of the cameras features include AI-based classification analytics, IR illumination, 33x optical zoom, 360-degree pan and a 5MP imager with low-light performance.  

SightTracker PTZ also automatically keeps an eye on intruders without manual steering, the company highlights.

SightLogix also emphasizes that with the SightTracker PTZ’s edge AI, operators are unburdened from the task of tracking so they can focus on mitigating threats and achieving the highest levels of security. 

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