SiLC Technologies launches compact, coherent machine vision solution

SiLC Technologies system

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SiLC Technologies, Inc. (SiLC) has launched its Eyeonic Vision System, a compact and coherent vision system. According to the company, the new system features high resolution, high precision and long range while remaining the only FMCW LiDAR solution to offer polarization information.

SiLC highlights that the Eyeonic Vision System integrates the company’s photonics technology into a turnkey vision solution – a flexible subsystem that reduces time to market for manufacturers seeking to incorporate machine vision into their products. Targeted to robotics, autonomous vehicles, smart cameras and other advanced products, the Eyeonic Vision System delivers high levels of vision perception to identify and avoid objects with very low latency, even at distances of greater than 1km.

“Our goal is to change the status quo for machine vision,” said Mehdi Asghari, SiLC Founder and CEO. “When bringing vision to machines the criticality of ranging precision, direct monitoring of motion through instantaneous velocity, spatial resolution for recognition of fine features and polarization for material detection cannot be understated.

“For machines to augment our lives they must have a vision solution that is powerful, compact, scalable and unaffected by environmental conditions including interference from other systems. Our groundbreaking technology will empower the next generation of machine vision applications with bionic vision that will exceed that of humans and yet be compact, cost effective and power efficient.” 

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