New software update announced by ProdataKey

ProdataKey - Software update

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ProdataKey (PDK) has released the full availability of its new software platform, 2.0.  

After being previewed at ISC East in November 2023 and available in beta to installation partners since last December, the software is now ready for use by PDK customers.  

Version 2.0 expands scalability to offer full support of enterprise installations managed across multiple buildings and sites.  

With version 2.0, doors connected to disparate PDK Cloud Nodes can be managed as a single customer system and credential holders can reside in a single database and be distributed across one or many locations.  

Feedback important for ProdataKey

“After extremely positive reviews and valuable feedback from installation partners, we are thrilled to make 2.0 widely available to the market beginning today,” said Brach Bengtzen, Vice President of Marketing.  

“With this new release, we‘ve preserved our platform’s simplicity and ease-of-use, added new capabilities and made it appropriate for even the largest, multisite customers.”  

Other improvements include that 2.0 provides the user with an at-a-glance view of how the system is functioning and a means to dive into information about specific devices.  

Dealers or administrators can now begin set up, like importing people, segmenting them into groups, setting global permissions and issuing credentials before installing PDK hardware.  

As soon as hardware is installed, credentials will function at controlled doors.  

Not only this, but once a system is operational, it can be managed even when a part of the system is disconnected, giving insight into when the device was last seen. 2.0 provides more access to features, for example, users can now switch between viewing their devices within a list or on a floor plan.

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