Solink adds blocked exit detection capability to surveillance

Blocked exit detection - boxes in front of door

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Solink has announced its new Blocked Exit Detection capability, which uses security cameras on Solink to proactively detect when perimeter doors are obstructed and notifies users to take action, mitigating fines and improving health and safety for employees.

According to the company, through AI algorithms, Blocked Exit Detection uncovers obstructions at exit doors over an extended period of time and sends notifications to local or central users when discovered.

Notification reminders can be set if the obstruction is not cleared within a set period of time.

The company highlights that Blocked Exit Detection is a software service that does not require the need for specialized hardware or new cameras.

Health and safety

“Our customers rely on Solink to help them protect their people, patrons and profits,” said Michael Matta, CEO, Solink.

“Blocked exits are the most commonly found hazard during Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections.

“In many conversations with customers, we learned that fines and safety citations were increasing with the pressure of staffing shortages.

“Solink partners with our customers to provide ROI-driven improvement.

“With Blocked Exit Detection – we’re making it even easier for our customers to keep their people safe and mitigate tens of thousands of dollars in potential OSHA fines.”

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