STANLEY Security launches STANLEY Interactive, the smart security service for small businesses

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STANLEY Security has launched STANLEY Interactive, a smart business solution enabling customers to manage all their security systems from a single, easy to use app.

Designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses whose owners are frequently time poor, STANLEY Interactive provides a fast, cost-effective means of managing business security – intruder detection, CCTV, lights and more – whether on-site or at home. 

STANLEY Interactive provides professional grade security which is incredibly easy to use, from as little as £42.50 per month. Customers simply choose from one of three straightforward packages to get started: Intruder Detection, Video Surveillance (CCTV) or Total Security which provides both intruder detection and video surveillance with additional smart features. Further devices can be added as required. STANLEY Security supplies, installs and maintains the equipment, with the customer managing the systems through the handy STANLEY Interactive app. For an added layer of protection, STANLEY Security also offers a 24/7 monitoring service, through its own professional central station that can dispatch emergency services or alert the business owner.

Unlike traditional security systems, STANLEY Interactive keeps business owners informed about their property at all times and enables them to take action when required. With the Video Surveillance package, for example, users can view live and recorded footage from multiple sites at any time and from anywhere. A secure, 24/7 cloud recording option provides a further benefit in that it eliminates the need for additional hardware, instead providing reliable, cloud-storage that cannot be disabled by employees or damaged if the site experiences a fire or flooding. 

STANLEY Interactive provides added value beyond security by providing valuable business insights, including peak activity and customer traffic and the measurement of staff hours, for one or multiple sites. It could, for example, lead to a greater understanding of which are the busiest hours, enabling more efficient staffing and could even allow businesses to track the impact of promotions on customer traffic. Such business insights can be delivered in the form of daily and weekly reports and can make a considerable difference in the running of a business.

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